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Dog people more popular

Wednesday August 10th 2016

Dog people are more popular then cat people - according to controversial new research.

A study by Facebook of more than 160,000 pet lovers from the US revealed that dog fans, on average, have 26 more "friends" than cat lovers.

On the other hand, cat people get invited to more events, "so they're putting their friendships to good use," the study says.

The research, which focused on the behaviour of both cat and dog enthusiasts, also found that just like the stereotype, cat lovers are more likely to be single.

However, the myth of the spinster crazy-cat lady has been debunked as being single and having a love of kittens is not related to age or gender.

To look through the data, Facebook used object recognition technology, which is similar to the technology used to generate automatic help for blind users.

The technology found that cat people may not be having enough cat naps as they are more likely to say they are tired than dog fans. Although this could also be put down to them being busier as they 'check in' to more places than dog people.

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