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Dog owners warned over bone 'risks'

Monday September 19th 2016

Giving a dog a bone could ultimately prove to be harmful rather than a treat, experts have warned.

Although a dog chewing on a bone has become a traditional British image, those at the PDSA veterinary charity have suggested that the practice might not be such a positive thing.

The Telegraph has reported that the charity's vets and nurses have seen pieces of bone cause health problems among dogs. Damage to their digestive tracts and blockages are among the issues which bone fragments can cause.

Rebecca Ashman, a senior vet from the PDSA, said the organisation would not recommend giving a bone to a dog as a treat. This is because splinters and larger pieces of bone can become stuck once dogs have swallowed them, the expert added.

In comments reported by the newspaper, she said dogs may need surgery in cases when blockages are caused by bones. Ms Ashman also noted that large pieces of rawhide chew may pose "serious problems" if they get stuck in a dog's digestive system.

Traditionally, many pet owners have viewed bones as being beneficial to their canines, suggesting that they help to clean their teeth or enable them to absorb nutrients.

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