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Dog owners warned of ice menace

Tuesday March 1st 2016

Dog owners are being advised to stay away from ice after a near-miss on a Scottish loch.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service says that while frozen water may be strong enough to take an animal's weight, it might be too thin for an owner.

The plea comes after an incident on Saturday (February 27) on Loch Morlich in the Highlands near Aviemore.

The pooch started struggling after chasing a ball onto the ice before his owner came to the rescue, the BBC reports. Roger Cruickshank, a photograph whose drone camera captured the dramatic incident, called the pair "very lucky".

He said that each time the dog seemed as if it would pull itself through the ice, the frozen water would crack once more. Firefighters say that owners should keep their dogs until control and not let them venture out onto the ice.

Failure to do so could put a dog and Pet Insurance no-claims bonuses at risk. Owners ought to ring the emergency services rather than try and rescue animals themselves, said the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

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