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Dog owners 'must control pets' during lambing season

Wednesday May 3rd 2017

Rambling through the countryside is a popular pastime at this time of year.

But dog owners heading to the UK's national parks have been warned of the need to keep their pets under control.

With lambing season still under way, Lake District National Park ranger Val Edmondson has told Farming UK that some care and common sense is required.

The majority of dog owners are careful when it comes to livestock. But Ms Edmondson has warned that a minority can cause problems.

She told the website: "Farmers have reported some sickening cases over the years and ultimately they have the right to shoot out-of-control pets. This is obviously a last resort, but sometimes they have no other choice.

"Lambing time coincides with ground nesting birds producing their offspring, which are also at great risk from dogs."

Between March 1 and July 31, dog owners are asked to keep their animals on short leads when walking through open access land. They are required to do this all year round when passing near sheep.

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