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Dog owners have it all mapped out

Tuesday October 13th 2015

Anyone thinking of buying a dog can discover which breed best suits the area they live in thanks to a new interactive map.

The Kennel Club has launched the map ahead of its Discover Dogs event, which is being held at London's ExCeL centre this weekend.

It gives an insight into the most popular breeds in different areas of the country so pet lovers can see which type of dog will fit in best in their neighbourhood.

Not surprisingly, Labradors are one of the top choices around the UK, being the most popular breed in Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow and even parts of London.

The launch of the map also coincides with the results of a study into the nation's attitude to different dog breeds. The French Bulldog is the UK's fastest growing breed, in part thanks to Instagram sensations such as Mannie the Frenchie.

Instagram has also helped to make the threatened Welsh Corgi cool again. Its popularity has soared by 54% due to growing interest in internet stars such as Winnie the Corgi, who has amassed almost 10,000 followers since February.

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