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Dog owner accused of animal cruelty after tattooing his pet

Tuesday October 18th 2016

A Brazilian tattoo artist has been criticised for inking his dog.

Emerson Damasceno from Po├žos de Caldas in south east Brazil, shared the pictures on Facebook of what he claimed was his pet dog with tattoos on its face and ears.

The photos showed the bull terrier with an anchor, a knuckle duster and a diamond tattooed on its nose, stars around its eyes and the logo of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team in its ears.

The images caused anger among animal lovers and social media users who accused him of animal cruelty.

Because of the backlash. Mr Damasceno took the photos down and changed the name of his social media accounts.

He said he had tattooed the dog as it was suffering from cancer, and he believed the ink would protect it from solar rays.

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