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Dog 'not getting teeth brushed'

Wednesday May 29th 2013

A survey has revealed 43% of dog owners never brush their pet's teeth.

The study carried out across the UK by Fish4Dogs said the result is gum disease in an average 80% of dogs over three.

It also found that 86% of dog owners reckon dental care should be covered through Pet Insurance policies, and that 30% of people spend more on their dog's teeth than on their own.

Fish4Dogs said dogs' teeth can suffer a build-up of plaque which can lead to tooth decay, just as with humans, so regular teeth brushing can help and dry food should be included in the daily routine, with the rough texture helping remove tartar.

The survey of 800 people around the UK was held in support of the British Dental Foundation's "National Smile Month", aimed at promoting healthy and happy teeth.

The survey highlighted some interesting attitudes and behaviours towards dental care for dogs, said chief executive of Fish4Dogs, Graham Smith.

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