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Dog missing for three years found

Friday May 29th 2015

A dog missing for three years has been reunited with her owners after she was found by railway workers.

Four-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier Mon disappeared from her home in Belfast in 2012 after escaping from the garden.

The animal's owner, Eoin Markey, put up posters in the neighbourhood and searched the area in a desperate attempt to find Mon, but to no avail.

However, on May 20 this year, two railway workers at Yorkgate station in the city discovered a dog wandering the track.

She appeared to be on her own so they took her to the PDSA's pet branch on Shore Road. Fortunately, she had been chipped so the charity was able to check the database to find contact details for her owner. The PDSA called a shocked Eoin to tell him that Mon was safe.

Eoin says it was very emotional when the family were reunited with their pet, and his partner burst into tears on seeing her.

She said: "Mon left a huge hole in our lives and anyone who has lost a pet will know just how heart-breaking it is."

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