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Dog microchipping walk in the park

Monday March 24th 2014

Pet owners in Middlesbrough are being invited to get their dogs microchipped for free, a move that will increase the chances of them being reunited with the animals if they're ever lost or stolen.

As well as the microchipping, the free event at the town's Albert Park is set to include demonstrations, advice on training and information about the courses run by the Middlesbrough and District Dog Training Association.

With microchipping due to become compulsory for all dogs from April 2016 the event - being run by the association in partnership with Albert Park Dog Walkers and the Dogs Trust - gives owners a chance to ensure they're complying with the law ahead of time.

The association's head trainer, Jody Cashmore, said: "We're inviting pet owners to pop along for free training advice, demonstrations and fun activities for their dogs all using modern, positive, reward-based methods."

The event is to be held on Saturday, April 5 with more information available from Karen Larkin on 01642 728209.

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