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Dog lovers finally take the Biscuit

Wednesday January 21st 2015

A dog that was looked after by Battersea Dogs & Cats Home for nearly two years and rejected by potential new owners as many as 5,000 times is finally safely with a loving family.

Two-year-old mongrel Biscuit now lives with Gemma and Darren Hunt in Aldershot, Hampshire, and is now known as Blake.

He is getting all the love and attention he needs, as the couple are no strangers to looking after a dog and he is enjoying an active life with them. You can cover some of the unexpected costs of having a dog by arranging Pet Insurance" href=>Pet Insurance cover.

The couple lost their previous rescue dog eight years ago and said they would only take on another dog that desperately needed them.

Gemma says Blake is firmly a part of the family now and he is a clever and affectionate dog who just loves to learn new things and snuggle up with them on the sofa.

The three of them have an "unbreakable bond", she says.

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