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Dog homed after 263-day kennel stay

Monday July 30th 2012

A dog that remained in Battersea Dogs & Cats Home for almost six times the average stay has finally moved into a loving family home.

Scooby the mongrel arrived at Battersea as a stray in October 2011 and it is only now - some 263 days later - that he has found a permanent home thanks to the Rayner family from Chestnut Glen in Hornchurch.

"We really can't believe our luck and can't understand why no-one else wanted him," Sandra Rayner said.

"Scooby is such a lovely dog and he's settled in so well, it's like we've always had him. He's so much fun and is great with everyone."

Battersea operations manager Philip Heron revealed that Scooby found kennel life to be stressful so had spent some time in a foster home, but it is great news that he has now found the "perfect family".

Pet Insurance customers will certainly find it a heartwarming tale that Scooby, who is aged between one and two years old, has finally been given a second chance.

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