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Dog helps to rescue foster owner

Friday January 29th 2016

A former stray dog helped to rescue the man who took him off the streets after he died for 17 minutes following a collapse.

Andy Smith's heart stopped beating when he suffered a suspected heart attack and stroke during the night. The 48-year-old businessman from Hayes in London was later revived thanks to the efforts of his one-year-old foster dog Gracie.

The black Patterdale barked incessantly until Mr Smith's 30-year-old stepdaughter Coral Sibley woke up and summoned help. Mr Smith remained in a coma for nine days in the Hammersmith hospital.

Doctors say that the father-of-four would have died without Gracie's actions and instinct that something was wrong. The pooch was originally found wandering the Surrey streets of Elmbridge while pregnant.

Mr Smith's family adopted Gracie and her puppies. He has been talking publicly about Gracie's life-saving intuition following his near-death experience last October.

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