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Dog helps couple cope with dementia

Thursday July 18th 2013

A dog has been a saving grace for a couple in Scotland.

Kaspa, a two-year-old labrador, is one of the first dogs in Britain to be trained to assist people with dementia.

He can fetch medicines, wake up his owner and help his carer with simple tasks. He also helps the couple to get out of the house and helps relieve stress.

Ken Will, 79, has vascular dementia and his wife Glenys, 66, has taken on the role of his carer since he was diagnoses three years ago. They claim Kaspa has given them their lives back.

Mrs Will said: "Kaspa has totally given us our lives back. Ken is much happier because he's got the dog and we can go out now. We can go shopping together, we can even go on holidays.

"We are a lot more relaxed since the dog came because if Ken gets in a mood and angry, the dog comes and nudges him and he forgets his problems."

Kaspa's training and placement with the Arbroath couple is thanks to partnership between Alzheimer Scotland, Dogs for the Disabled and Guide Dogs Scotland.

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