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Dog has to have teaspoon removed

Wednesday July 4th 2012

A dog has had to undergo an emergency operation after eating a strawberry, and the teaspoon it was offered to him on.

With Wimbledon in full flow, strawberries are proving extremely popular and 10-year-old rottweiler, Max, wanted to try some himself. Unfortunately, he also swallowed a 5in (12.7cm) teaspoon and needed X-rays and an operation as a result.

Max's owner, Annette Robertshaw from Wakefield, said her brother had fed the dog a strawberry on the spoon and was stunned when he wolfed down both items.

The surgery to remove the spoon from Max's stomach was performed at the local PDSA pet hospital and veterinary surgeon Daniel Cook said he had never seen a teaspoon on an X-ray before. He added that pets should only really be fed from their own food bowls.

"I have never seen a dog that's eaten a teaspoon before although we do see lots of odd things that dogs have eaten, such as socks and children's toys," he said.

With dogs' reputation for eating all kinds of unusual objects and often needing surgery or treatment to remove them, it only emphasises the importance of Pet Insurance to cover for every eventuality.

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