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Dog has close call with bouncy ball

Friday July 4th 2014

A pet dog's ball has been found - two years after she swallowed it.

Trixie the Border Terrier was taken to the vets by her worried owners after she became ill. A scan uncovered a mystery object in her stomach so she was put under the knife to recover it.

Surgeons were surprised to recover a bouncy ball, which had not been seen for two years.

According to Emma Holt, the PDSA vet who operated on Trixie, the ball could have caused serious damage if it had moved from her stomach into her intestines.

Melanie Pounder, Trixie's owner, said she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the bouncy ball, which she assumed had already passed the dog's system after she swallowed it two years previously.

The 42-year-old, from Sunderland, said she was amazed that the ball was still there and paid tribute to the work of the PDSA.

She added that she would be "lost" without her dog so was grateful she was on the road to recovery.

Mrs Holt said that while she has seen some strange animal cases in her time as a vet, she's never known a foreign body to be inside an animal for so long before causing a problem.

She said it is important that owners select the right size ball for their dogs to prevent choking or swallowing.

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