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Dog delivers double delight over lottery

Thursday October 15th 2015

A pet dog has unearthed a winning lottery ticket for almost £150,000 that her owners had forgotten about.

Alan and Jane Slater were already thrilled, having won an identical sum with a lucky star and five correct numbers in the same EuroMillions draw on September 29.

But the Isle of Wight couple's delight turned to tears of happiness when Ruby the pooch found the additional £149,089 ticket on her second birthday.

The Slaters were already planning what to do with their windfall when they took their dogs, Kai and Ruby, for a walk after winning. Ruby hopped into the car, nudged a catalogue and out fell the second ticket that had been tucked away inside.

Mr Slater, a 65-year-old Wightlink Ferries customer relations manager, and 59-year-old Mrs Slater say they had totally overlooked the other ticket. Mr Slater discovered the first win after returning from a night shift.

He said he wanted to unwind by checking the EuroMillions numbers and the football scores, adding that he had no chance of relaxation after finding out he had won.

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