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Dog collapse fuels heatstroke warning

Wednesday July 20th 2016

Vets are offering top tips to pet owners during the hot spell after a dog fainted with heatstroke. Bud, a Liverpool-based American bulldog, was close to death while on a walk with his owner Emma Charlton.

More pets could face similar dangers with the mercury hitting the 30s this week, the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) warns. Four-year-old Bud fainted just outside his front door in Wavertree.

Huyton's PDSA vets treated him for shock and wrapped him in damp towels to reduce his temperature. The PDSA say that it can take just 20 minutes for heatstroke-suffering dogs, including ones in hot cars, to die.

Rebecca Ashman, a vet from the dispensary, says that dogs cannot cool down like humans. They have to do this through their paw sweat glands and by panting, she says.

Ms Ashman advises pet keepers against taking their animals for walks when the sun is at its hottest or leaving them in unshaded areas of the garden for lengthy periods. The PDSA is running a People's Postcode Lottery-financed education initiative to warn owners of the dangers of heatstroke.

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