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Dog blood donors urgently needed

Monday April 4th 2016

Dog blood donors are in desperately short supply, according to an animal pet charity. Pet Blood Bank UK says an increase in demand means that it is regularly down to just a few pints, the BBC reports.

The Bank's Zoe Hayward says the need for new donors is "desperate". Volunteers can take their dogs to Leamington Spa-based Feldon Vet Centre in Warwickshire to help.

The centre gives one beneficiary, anaemia sufferer Devon, four blood transfusions a year. Pat Symons, the pooch's owner says she plans to help, having already lost two dogs.

Pet Blood Bank's services have been available for nine years since launching in the Leicestershire town of Loughborough. The bank helps supply blood for transfusions nationwide.

Dogs are like humans in that they often need blood transfusions during operations and to help them recover from major disease and traumas. Three years ago the BBC also reported that rural Wales was suffering from a lack of dog blood.

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