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Dog ban on Weymouth Beach stays despite petitions

Monday January 23rd 2017

An extension to a ban on dog owners taking their pets to Weymouth Beach during the summer months will remain despite public opposition, the council has ruled.

Two petitions with more than 1,200 signatures were presented to Weymouth and Portland Borough Council on Thursday, urging the local authority to reverse its decision to extend the ban.

The council ruled in October that dogs will be prohibited from accessing the south coast stretch from Easter to October. Previously, the ban was imposed from May to September.

Judi Moore, who started the petition, told the BBC : "I think not to allow dogs is a retrograde step. This is the English Riviera, not the Mediterranean. Nobody is going to be sitting on the beach in bare feet and a swimming cossie in April and October - it's not sane."

Campaigners against the new rules say almost two thirds (63%) of respondents to a public consultation wanted the dates to stay as they were.

The council claims almost a quarter of the 1,700 people who responded to the consultation supported an out-right ban of dogs on the beach.

Community protection councillor Francis Drake said: "Members were aware that the majority of respondents wanted the dates to stay the same.

"However, after taking the consultation results into consideration, the Policy Development Committee made the decision to extend the ban."

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