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Dog and owner win lookalike prize

Wednesday October 13th 2010

A Gloucestershire woman and her pet dog who share a "remarkable" resemblance have won a nationwide pet lookalike photo contest.

Judges at PDSA's Pets Gallery competition chose farm assistant Nicky Walton her three-year-old dachshund Tyler for their similarities, including deep brown eyes and flowing auburn hair.

PSDA instituted the award for loving owners who share strong ties with their animal friends, and undoubtedly have them covered with adequate pet insurance.

A picture of Nicky and Tyler was entered into the owner lookalike category of the competition by her friend. Apart from Tyler, Nicky also has 12 dogs, three cats, a parrot, a rescued magpie and two tortoises for pets.

She said: "I've had Tyler since he was a puppy and he follows me around wherever I go.

"He's certainly top dog at home and always has to sit on my lap at night. He's very loving and loyal and has me wrapped around his paw!"

Pet owners entering the competition were encouraged to make a £1 donation to help support PDSA in its work caring for sick and injured pets.

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