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Dog adopts litter of orphaned piglets

Wednesday September 7th 2016

A dog in Cuba has adopted a litter of piglets left orphaned after the death of their mother.

Linda, who is still nursing her own puppies, treated the little piglets as if they were her own.

The animals' owner Ignacio Estevez says he decided to see if the scenario would work after realising Linda had just given birth and was lactating.

"I came up with the idea of putting them together to see if the dog would accept them.

"On the first day she was a little hesitant, but it wasn't long before she started coming to feed the piglets on her own initiative," he said.

The mum is so comfortable with the piglets she even nurses the youngsters along with her six puppies

Linda has become an overnight celebrity with local people travelling to see the perfect pup and piglet partnership and an online video of the animals has gone viral.

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