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Does Tiko tick all your boxes?

Friday March 13th 2015

A loveable Lurcher cross in need of a home may appeal to animal fans who favour the underdog.

That's because Tiko is the longest-staying resident among a nationwide network of dog rescue units.

The three-year-old pooch has spent half a year at Gilberdyke's Jerry Green Dog Rescue, which has four other branches in Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. This has left centre employees at the East Yorkshire centre keen to find Tiko a permanent domicile.

Home fundraiser Jenny Harris described Tiko as "lovely", "sweet", "very intelligent", "cheeky" and "fun".

She fears that dogs such as Tiko can become accustomed to living in kennels, so wants them to be homed properly with a loving family.

Ms Harris also appealed for foster dog carers to help their canine residents make the transition from kennel to permanent home more easily. If you fancy helping you can visit Tiko here .

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