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Does Bluey have world's loudest purr?

Thursday April 2nd 2015

A cat said to have the loudest purr in the world could soon enter the record books.

Bluey's purr-sonal best of 93 decibels set an uncertified new high standard, beating record holder Smokey's 67.7 decibels four years ago.

Her growl is noisier than most cats' miaow and thought to be as loud as a train on the London underground.

Contrary to her noisy persona, staff at Bluey's rehoming centre say she is loving and gentle and in need of a new home.

Claire Thomas, from the Blue Cross, said the charity tested Bluey's decibel rate as a bit of fun as they had never cared for a cat so loud.

Ms Thomas said she would hate Bluey's booming tones to be an impediment to her finding a new owner.

The home started looking after the cat when Bluey's elderly owner went into care. Blue Cross employees were amazed with Bluey's loud growling when they stroked her.

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