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Doberman gobbles three golf balls

Friday July 19th 2013

A dog was fortunate to survive after swallowing three golf balls.

The Doberman called Azar lost weight over a short period and was clearly feeling well below par, prompting his owner Louise Powis to rush him to the vet.

"We put Azar on a drip and took some X-rays of his abdomen, and when I saw the X-ray I could not believe it," said PDSA vet Kath Vandamme.

The veterinary charity said the hound was lucky to survive the emergency surgery, with two of the balls having moved from his stomach into his small intestine which meant he was at risk of a ruptured intestine or potentially fatal inflammation of the abdomen's lining.

Azar's dramatic health scare emerged as the world's best golfers got ready to tee off at this year's Open Championship at Muirfield, East Lothian.

And fortunately for Azar and his owner Louise, of Nuneaton in Warwickshire, it was a case of all's well that ends well with the dog said to be on the mend after his operation at the charity's pet hospital in Coventry.

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