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Diabetic pooch in 7-year wait for his forever home

Wednesday December 2nd 2015

A diabetic dog is being spurned by potential owners because of his medical requirements. Adorable pooch Benji, 10, is said to love meeting and greeting visitors when they first arrive at the Easterleigh Animal Sanctuary at Lytham St Annes, near Blackpool.

But so far guests have not been as friendly in return. Seven years after arriving at the Lancashire pet sanctuary, the poor Patterdale Terrier has still not found a loving family.

Staff at the sanctuary put this down to Benji's diabetic condition. They say people are not interested in giving him a forever home after discovering that he requires an injection of insulin twice a day.

The charity's chairwoman Mandy Leigh says the pooch is an adorable "little scruff". He is also said to be "loyal", with loveable brown eyes and black fur. He also enjoys walks and splashing in puddles.

One family took him home with them four months into his stay at Easterleigh, though they returned him shortly afterwards.

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