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Dental health plan under discussion

Thursday October 22nd 2009

Birmingham residents are being asked to rate NHS dental services after a Care Quality Commission performance report highlighted them as one of the region's key areas for improvement.

Heart of Birmingham Primary Care trust has launched a three-week public consultation on the future of dental services, the number of dentists available and plans to improve surgeries.

Dental health consultant Ros Hamburger said: "We are committed to providing the right kind of dental care for our residents in the heart of Birmingham, and want to ensure everyone has a say in how that service will function in the future.

"The public meetings around dental services are an excellent way for people to find out more about the options, ask questions and tell us what they think."

Government figures show that 141,000 fewer Midland peoples saw an NHS dentist for 18 months after the introduction of dental contracts in April 2006.

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