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Data is king for smartphone owners

Monday July 22nd 2013

Smartphone users are more interested in data allowances than they are inclusive minutes when it comes to finding a mobile deal, according to new research.

The study by price comparison site shows that while hunting down packages with the most minutes used to be the norm, now data is more important.

Just under a quarter of Brits (23%) use the internet on their smartphones for more than five hours every month, while just 9% make calls lasting that long.

When phone users upgrade they are looking for good data allowance deals, and this isn't surprising as the research shows that 73% of people say they can't live without browsing the web on their phones and 71% would not want to be without the ability to check their emails on the move.

Consumers want more data and do not need packages that offer more minutes, according to Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at

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