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Daredevil cat survives M1 roof ride

Tuesday October 22nd 2013

A cat named after a cartoon stuntman lived up to his name by clinging on to the roof of a van for a hair raising trip down the M1 in Leicestershire.

The black and white cat, named Kick Buttowski, managed to survive the journey last Friday by clinging onto a ladder during the trip from Melton Mowbray to the M69, via the M1. Kick has now been reunited with his young owner, five-year-old Connor Russell.

A woman driving the van discovered the cat after being flashed several times during her journey. Eventually she pulled over to see if there was something wrong with her vehicle; however, when she got out she discovered the cat clinging to the roof.

The driver than phoned Amanda Walker, a nurse at Bell, Brown and Bentley Veterinary Surgery, who said: "The woman sounded a bit embarrassed - as if we were not going to believe her story. She told us she had stopped off at a garage on her way back to Leicester and found a cat on her roof."

Kick was uninjured, and was said to be relaxed when he arrived at the vets. However, Ms Walker added: "He was in a better state than we'd expected. We thought he would be very distressed but he was very relaxed. He was wide-eyed but very friendly. The woman said he looked terrified when she found him on the roof of her van. We just can't believe he managed to cling on for that long."

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