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Daisy the dog gets new pair of legs

Thursday November 26th 2015

A chihuahua mix has been able to run for the very first time in her life thanks to prosthetic legs.

Daisy was born with deformed elbows, hips and right shoulder, which made walking hard and running impossible. She was left on the streets of Los Angeles, US, as a two-month-old puppy.

She was about to be put down at a shelter when officials from Home 4Ever Rescue stepped in to find her a loving family home with owners Christian and Sheena Main.

Over the next couple of years they used a special wheelchair to support the hound's back legs. This was putting too much pressure on Daisy's spine, however, so they started looking into prosthetics.

A cast was taken of her legs by Virginia-based Animal Ortho Care and her new set of legs came late last month. Two weeks later and Daisy is experiencing the joys of running for the first time, something that has been shared on social media. She can twirl, leap and bound with her artificial legs and can even keep pace with her canine chum Mickey.

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