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DJ cats put Battersea in a spin

Thursday March 10th 2016

Cats have been practising their DJ skills at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home this week. The London rehoming centre gave its moggies a very special present to mark Wednesday's (March 9) International DJ Day.

They supplied the residents with DJ-deck shaped cat scratchers. It means that the felines can scratch away to their hearts' content.

The turntable spins while the cats sink their claws in, with as many as 120 cats having a go on the new toys.

Chrissie Lloyd-Smith, the rehoming unit's team leader, says their new skill is something she hopes the cats will take with them to their new permanent homes. She admits that not all the cats have quite got the hang of it, however. Ms Lloyd-Smith says the decks are sometimes occupied by catnapping pets on the decks.

The world-famous Battersea home takes in 3,000 cats each year and is 133 years old. A cat will notoriously scratch curtains, furniture or whatever else it can in order to mark its territory.

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