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Cuts 'to push women's unemployment'

Wednesday September 7th 2011

Job cuts in the public sector will send female unemployment rates - which are already at their highest level in more than two decades - even higher, a report from TUC has warned.

Over the past 10 years women have been hired in the public sector at a three times greater rate than men and so will take a bigger hit from the impact of the Government austerity measures, union leaders said.

Public sector jobs have risen over the period while employment levels in the manufacturing industry, which has traditionally been dominated by males, have fallen, said the TUC.

Research carried out by the union shows the number of women working in areas such as local, government, teaching and nursing has risen by 735,000 in a decade.

The proportion of female public sector employees is especially high in the the north-east, north-west, West Midlands and Yorkshire & the Humber.

"Female unemployment is already at a 23-year high and, with so many women employed in the public sector, this will only deteriorate as job cuts in our health, education, local government and civil service continue to mount," said TUC general secretary Brendan Barber.

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