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Cuts 'threaten local communities'

Tuesday January 25th 2011

A trade union has warned that local communities could be under threat from "savage" public spending cuts.

Unison revealed that an estimated 100,000 workers could lose their jobs in local authorities, polices forces, the education system, the NHS and the fire service after announcements in the last six weeks alone.

The union stressed that, while many employees are forced to join the dole queue, the services they provided will also be threatened.

Recently it was revealed that 1,600 jobs would be lost at the Heart of England NHS Trust, 1,200 council jobs in Hampshire, 1,000 in Norfolk and 400 in East Sussex.

The union also said the careers service had failed to escape the cuts, with 8,000 positions set to go before the end of March.

General secretary Dave Prentis said: "This dossier makes very grim reading. Behind every statistic there are families desperate to keep a roof over their heads, food on the table and the dignity of a decent job.

"With unemployment up to 2.5 million, the coalition cuts are blighting lives and wrecking the country's chances of recovery. Sacking workers and closing down essential services will not put the economy back on its feet."

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