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Curious cat hitches 85-mile on lift delivery truck

Tuesday December 6th 2016

A "very distinctive" tabby cat hitched a ride with a delivery truck that could have taken him as far as 85 miles from home.

The long-haired grey cat ended up at a Cats Protection centre in Maidstone after travelling south from Cambridge - where the van started its run.

It's not known if he was on board for the entire journey or hopped on midway through - the van had several drop-offs and the cat isn't chipped.

Staff at the rescue centre named the intrepid moggy 'Reagan', the Cambridge News reported.

Carers are now trying to reunite the cat with his owners and have launched appeals on social media. A post has been shared almost 800 times.

Adrian Ferne, manager of the charity's Bredhurst adoption centre, said: "The tabby was spotted sauntering out of the truck by a woman.

"He's a very good-looking boy, very distinctive and friendly, but he's a little disorientated being so far from home so we really need to trace his owner."

If you think "Reagan" could be yours, contact the adoption centre on 01634 232471.

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