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Crossbreed Zara 'happiest dog in Britain'

Thursday March 17th 2016

Seven-year-old rescue dog Zara has been named the nation's Happiest Hound.

The crossbreed scooped the title as part of this year's Ruffs competition, the RSPCA's alternative version of Crufts.

Having spent 18 months in and out of kennels as a succession of attempted adoptions ended in failure, there had been concern Zara would never find a permanent home.

But all that changed four years ago when she was adopted from a rescue centre by Emma Hindson of Durham. The pair bonded immediately and Zara hasn't looked back since.

Hundreds of pets were entered for this year's Ruffs, which saw thousands of people cast their votes for Zara and the contest's other award winners.

RSPCA dog welfare expert Lisa Richards says the competition prioritises the health, happiness and welfare of canines of all ages, types and sizes.

Though many would be deemed unsuitable for mainstream dog shows, she adds, all the pets entered are perfect in the eyes of their owners.

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