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Couple tie the knot in cat rescue centre

Friday May 20th 2016

A cat-loving couple have tied the knot in front of an audience of around 1,000 moggies.

Dominic Husson and Louise Veronneau made the 3,000-mile journey from their home in Canada to hold the ceremony in one of the largest cat shelters in California, US.

The couple, who said that a shared love for animals was one of the fundamental parts of their relationship, asked their guests to make donations to the rescue centre in place of giving gifts.

The unusual ceremony was inspired by the bride's trip to the cat sanctuary in 2012, when she said she was given a glimpse into the centre's heart-warming mission.

She added that she thought the shelter was the perfect place for her and her husband-to-be to tie the knot, despite the fact that he had never been there until the big day itself.

In a further twist to the traditional wedding, the sanctuary's owner Lynea Lattanzio became ordained so that she could wed the couple.

However, she admitted feeling nervous beforehand, saying she was worried about forgetting her lines during her first ever ceremony.

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