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Councils 'to wield axe after cuts'

Wednesday November 10th 2010

A leading union has claimed that councils are planning to axe thousands of jobs as a result of the Government's spending cuts.

The GMB said it had received information saying Derbyshire County Council is planning up to 2,000 redundancies between now and 2014, while Leeds City Council was looking at shedding 1,000 workers.

This news comes after a a number of announcements in recent weeks that councils across the country are preparing to slash their workforces to make necessary savings.

Derbyshire Country Council's redundancies have been conceived after its grant from the Government was slashed by 28%, or £84 million, over the next four years. This reduction was also on top of the £10 million it had already planned, according to the GMB.

Somewhere between 2,500 and 3,000 jobs are also expected to be under threat at Stoke on Trent City Council over the next four years as the local authority battles to save £100 million.

The Government has announced a reduction in the council's grant of around 28% which means it will have to find these savings from the non-teaching workforce of 9,200, the GMB said.

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