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Councils 'to axe 150,000 jobs'

Friday February 4th 2011

More than 150,000 local authority jobs have now been axed or put at risk by Government spending cuts, campaigners have warned.

Employees at 260 councils in England, Scotland and Wales face redundancy, according to the GMB union.

The group said these authorities are gearing up to cut posts over the next few months after their funding was slashed by the coalition.

Several positions have already been axed while many councils will meet in the coming weeks to finalise job cuts, which could lead many employees to consider taking out Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance to protect their homes in case of redundancy.

Most of the councils have already issued a 90-day consultation and have given notice that they plan to axe vacant posts and seek volunteers for early retirement and redundancy, said the GMB.

General secretary Paul Kenny said: "Coupled with announcements of big job losses in the private sector these 150,059 jobs under threat at 260 councils is really bad news. The figure for jobs under threat in the public sector keeps going up. The Government cannot blame the snow for this bad news.

"The Government is deliberately creating unemployment on a scale that we have not seen before. The Government spending plans not only threatens these 150,059 council posts and job losses in the rest of the public sector but there are additional job losses in the voluntary sector funded by public sector grants and in the outsourced private sector."

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