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Councils axe more than 100,000 jobs

Friday October 14th 2011

Councils have shed more than 100,000 jobs since the last general election, a study by the GMB union has found.

The fall has affected staff at local authorities across England, with the number of full-time equivalent workers down from 1,584,219 in March 2010 to 1,483,125 - a decline of 6.4%.

The worst hit local authority was Kent County Council, which has cut 3,107 posts. Next on the list is Manchester City Council with 2,549 jobs lost, then Norfolk County Council with 2,358 positions axed and Cornwall County Council in fourth place having shed 2,295 roles.

The GMB warned the employment situation at councils would get worse as the effects of the coalition Government's funding cuts would continue to bite.

Recent figures showed youth unemployment at a record high, and the GMB said many of the axed jobs could have gone to young people as it urged ministers to support the public sector.

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