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Council warns drivers of floods

Thursday January 21st 2010

A council has urged drivers to take note of road-closed signs as north Herefordshire was hit by widespread flooding.

Drivers are also advised to keep away from the flooded areas - caused by melting snow - because Herefordshire Council is not clear how deep the waters are.

Cars getting stuck in deep flood water could cause an expensive problem for their owners. However, unconfirmed reports claiming the majority of drivers were protected by comprehensive car value protection could keep motorists in pocket.

The council closed several roads, with the A4113 from Walford to Leintwardine, the A4110 from Adforton to Leintwardine and the A438 at Letton all left impassable in the wake of the flooding.

A council spokesman said: "The information is based on reports from local authority and police sources, but is not necessarily comprehensive. Conditions are liable to change at short notice - motorists are advised to take care on all routes and to comply with warning signs."

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