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Council to axe up to 1,300 jobs

Monday February 14th 2011

A county council has announced plans to axe 1,300 jobs over the next three years in a bid to save £79 million.

West Sussex County Council will cut an estimated 500 jobs between now and 2014, but among that number will be 100 agency workers.

However, a further 800 jobs could be transferred to employment with other service providers, the council said.

In three years' time the number of people working for the Conservative-led authority will have fallen from the current figure of 6,300 to 5,000.

County council leader Louise Goldsmith said making the cost-savings decisions "was the worst times for all of us".

The county council said most of the jobs to be lost will be in management and back office and support services.

Roles will also be shed in office administration and specialist functions such as human resources, training, finance and democratic services.

Other positions will go as a result of changes which have been subject to consultation, including in the youth service, as a result of the closure of the under-occupied Littlecote Children's Home and changes in the learning service.

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