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Council 'to axe a quarter of jobs'

Tuesday July 12th 2011

Plans have been made by Southampton City Council to cut 25% of its 4,300 staff over the next three years, a union has claimed.

A report by the council detailing budget and spending plans up to 2015 has been seen by Unite, which it said includes earmarking £5 million a year between 2012 and 2014 for redundancies.

The council has already become embroiled with staff over pay and working conditions, resulting in six weeks of conflict which has led to strike action from hundreds of staff, including social workers and refuse collectors.

Unions expect the local authority to impose worse pay and working conditions on staff by Tuesday, a day where industrial action from port health officers is due to take place.

According to Unite, the internal report it has seen reveals the true extent of the council's redundancy plans, with job losses rising year on year, increasing from 361 posts in 2012 to 725 in 2013, and 1,224 the year after that.

Ian Woodland, Unite's regional officer, said: "This is a disgrace and will devastate those loyal workers who thought that by making a wage sacrifice now that they had a chance to save their jobs for the future."

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