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Council launches DNA test for dog mess

Friday January 22nd 2016

DNA samples are being used to track down London dog owners who do not clear up their animal's poo. The three-month trial scheme will see park rangers and Barking and Dagenham Council officers collect dog mess around the borough.

Officials will then compare the DNA with that on a voluntary registered owner database.

The council is reviewing the extent of the problem as the pilot scheme continues. Officers will assess if people whose dogs are not registered are the main offenders.

The council's Darren Rodwell says the initiative has been launched following residents' complaints. Cllr Rodwell says the scheme will help the council piece together evidence so it can clamp down on selfish owners in the future.

PooPrints DNA experts are offering free registrations for the initial 1,000 owners who come forward, the local authority says. Mayesbrook, Longbridge and Abbey are the three wards undertaking the trial. Microchipping dogs becomes compulsory this April.

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