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Council job cuts 'reach 60,000'

Thursday December 2nd 2010

A total of 60,000 people are to lose their jobs at councils across England and Wales as a result of Government spending cuts, new figures have revealed.

Officials from the GMB union have been collating cutbacks by local authorities in recent weeks and said the "wholesale dismantling" of public services is being carried out in parts of the country.

The latest job cuts have been announced at councils in Birmingham (almost 2,500 jobs), Coventry (1,000), Buckinghamshire (500), Tower Hamlets in London (500) and Hounslow in London (400), the union said.

Roger Jenkins, GMB officer for Birmingham City Council, said: "We are witnessing the wholesale dismantling of public services as we know them in Birmingham and this is not scaremongering. There will, for example, be no remand centre for children in the city when these cuts have gone through.

"There are already three registered unemployed workers for each unfilled job vacancy in the Birmingham travel-to-work area before these job losses kick in."

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