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Council cuts services and jobs

Tuesday November 13th 2012

Hundreds of social workers, park-keepers, childcare professionals and youth workers are likely to lose their job at a city council because of cuts.

As many as 300 people are set for the axe at Southampton City Council as it looks to make £23 million-worth of cuts.

The Labour administration will be shutting a children's home and cutting the service it provides to young people in the city.

Residents will also see their refuse collection services affected, with bins emptied only once a fortnight instead of every week. They will also start being charged money for the collection of garden waste.

Unison branch secretary Mike Tucker said: "Hundreds of council workers, youth workers, library workers, childcare professionals, park-keepers, archaeologists and social workers all face the sack.

"Their futures are being put at risk by the economic policy of the Conservatives. They are paying with their jobs for the economic crisis they did not create. Every job being lost has been caused by the Conservatives' economic policy which is not working."

Adrian Baker, a GMB organiser, said: "This is a massive blow not only for the staff of Southampton City Council but also the residents of Southampton, with those least able to defend themselves hardest hit."

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