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Coronation Street is dogs' favourite TV programme

Thursday January 5th 2017

Coronation Street is one of the most popular TV shows among dogs, new research suggests.

A study conducted at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) found that the popular soap held dogs' attention for longer than any other programmes.

Over the course of the study, two Labradors were shown 12 20-second clips of various shows, in a controlled, home-like environment. It was found that Coronation Street attracted the dogs' attention more than the other clips, even ones showing dogs playing.

Overall, the study concluded that dogs are not as interested in watching TV as they are other activities such as sleeping, eating and playing.

Last year, researchers at UCLan worked with pet food brand Wagg to design a prototype for the first ever dog TV remote.

It features extra-large buttons to allow clumsy paws to change channels when their owner isn't in the room. It has a blue body and yellow buttons as these colours are known to be particularly appealing to dogs.

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