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Cool cat seeks beauty line 'purr-fection'

Thursday September 11th 2014

A new line of beauty products is set to be launched... by top fashion designer Karl Lagerfield's pet cat.

Choupette's range of make-up products is the result of a collaboration with the Shu Uemura cosmetics company.

Called 'Shupette', the collection will feature social media sensation Choupette's face on all of its products and advertising material.

Products are said to include a furry make-up bag, eye shadow palette and a pastel pink blusher, and are likely to come complete with feline-themed packaging. No release date for the range has yet been announced.

Three-year-old Choupette is already one of the world's most well-known cats, boasting some 40,000 followers on Twitter and a further 23,000 on Instagram.

She is owned by 81-year-old German Lagerfield, who is Chanel's head of design and creative director.

As well as her 'work' on social media she has given a series of 'interviews' to various fashion magazines and appeared in several photoshoots.

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