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Consumers slow on the 4G uptake

Monday September 2nd 2013

A survey of 2,500 broadband users has revealed that many consumers are still confused about the advantages of 4G technology.

One third of those surveyed believed it would be too expensive to switch to the speedier service, while one in five people felt the high-speed broadband would not improve their current service. Most damning was the finding that one in three felt outright that they do not need 4G.

Telecoms expert at comparison site, who commissioned the study, Dominic Baliszewski, said "More people are aware of 4G now compared to when it first launched last year, but most still do not understand the difference it will make to their experience as a mobile user."

Mr Baliszewski likened the switch to the evolution from black and white televisions to colour, where 3G is doing a perfectly good job for millions of customers, but 4G was the technicolour revolution. However, Mr Baliszewski did warn that moving to 4G was not just about the price, and customers should also consider network coverage and data limits.

4G offers broadband speeds of up to 10 times faster than 3G, although in most cases it would be five times faster. This meant that downloading a two-hour film which would have previously taken more than three and a half hours, would now only take 30 minutes for those with a high-speed connection.

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