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Connected pet feeder debuted at CES

Wednesday January 4th 2017

New technology to help people control how much they feed their pet has debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The Catspad smart pet feeder automates pet feeding, portioning out food at set times and pumping our fresh, filtered water. It also gives feedback on the way your cat eats while you are away via an app.

For people with more than one cat, an RFID sensor in the gadget can be paired with your cat's microchip, or an implant in their collar, to help you monitor multiple cats.

The gadget is currently available through Kickstarter and is expected to be on wide release in June 2017.

Other pet tech on show at CES included self-cleaning litter boxes and networked pet toys like the Clever Pet, a video games console aimed at cats and dogs.

Clever Pet rewards animals with treats for performing simple tasks and can be used to teach dogs commands. It is also thought to help reduce anxiety.

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