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Competition crowns Britain's cosiest pet

Thursday January 21st 2016

A cat with his own teddy bear has been crowned the UK's Cosiest Pet.

Neil overcame 1,000 rival moggies to win the National Office of Animal Health's (NOAH) competition. The three-year-old ginger tom loves getting cosy in his owner's bed, on the settee or in his own basket.

But what really swayed the judges was a photograph of him at home snuggled up to a teddy bear. The cat features strongly in the I Heart My Pet initiative's picture gallery, which aims to promote emotional and physical health.

Insurance compliance operative Richard Powell, of Morley, in Leeds, who nominated his cuddly cat, says he is proud that the panel found Neil just as adorable as he does. Mr Powell has had Neil since he was a kitten after spotting him on the Pre-Loved Pets website.

NOAH says it devised the contest to highlight the part that having a cosy spot to snuggle up in has in general pet well-being.

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