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Compensation sought - for dog's injury

Monday July 28th 2014

When Scooby the Cavalier King Charles spaniel saw a cat near his home he did what most dogs would do in the same situation and gave chase.

And he probably would have got away with it unscathed if it hadn't been for the pesky long grass on the council-owned land he ran across, according to his owner.

But Scooby suffered a slipped disc after catching his leg in the grass during the chase in Brighton. Surgery to prevent possible paralysis could amount to £5,000 which his owner, Rebecca Richardson, and her partner Steven, who are both disabled, say they cannot afford.

The couple blame the uncut grass for three-year-old Scooby's injury and want compensation from Brighton and Hove City Council. They say people have been complaining about the length of the uncut grass in front of their homes for weeks.

Mrs Richardson, 48, says if the council refuses to help the couple will have to ask for help from members of the public.

A council spokesman says any complaint made by Mrs Richardson will be investigated.

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